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 Have you ever wondered how an Automobile Dealership got started? The proud owners, J.D. and Deborah Fortner started by selling C-J7 Jeeps - one at a time. They developed extensive experience in the luxury car markets buying and selling Mercedes, Jaguars and BMW's: that was the a next step in Benfor's growth.

Since 1993 Benfor has operated a large wholesale organization in both Dallas and Houston, which has always assured that customers would receive a great price for their trade-in and provide access to large Franchise dealerships.

In 1998 Benfor opened a luxury car dealership at Ferrari of Houston and in 2001 they opened a Truck / SUV Center near Texas Hobby Airport.

In 2009 and 2010 we launched Internet Sales through Ebay Motors and Craigs List and suddenly these special vehicles were available Nation-wide and Internationally.

The excitement of working with such a variety of people really started to fuel the Benfor organization. Keith Lawing was added to especially help with the details of the Internet sales as he was a automobile manager for the past 20 years. Mike Mireles was added to help with technical issues. Darlene McCain and Deborah Fortner have been keeping the books and paperwork straight for a number of years. Finally, Adrian Cisneros and James Joseph handle all the detail and vehicle preparation and have for the last decade.

When you call most likely you will talk to J.D. Fortner, he does most of the buying for Benfor and therefore knows his product. Whether you want to buy the best vehicle for the money or just want a great opinion, you'll get it with J.D.

After 22 years Benfor has developed into a great place to buy that special vehicle, motorcycle or boat. To buy that special vehicle, motorcycle or boat. Our customers come from as far away as Iceland and as near as Clearlake Texas. One thing our customers have in common is that they become our friends.

Thanks to all of you who have given us such a pleasure over the last decades.
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